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Anthracite Coal Supplier UK

If you are looking for premium Anthracite coal anywhere within the UK, we here at A.W. Parker Coal Merchants are able to supply you with the highest quality Anthracite coal, taken directly from the welsh pits; to your doorstep. We understand that people based nationwide are in need of premium Anthracite coal and that is why we offer our nationwide delivery free of charge to anyone based within the UK.

With Anthracite coal being one of the cleanest fossil fuels available on the market, we offer it at extremely competitive prices due to its soaring popularity and its multi-purpose uses. Our Anthracite coal is suitable to use on multi fuel stoves, closed appliances and gravity fed boilers and is also suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas. We offer our Anthracite coal in several different variations and quantities all available for nationwide delivery. The Anthracite we offer is available to be purchased in: Grains, Beans or large chunks, sold at varying quantities from 15x20kg bags to 50x20kg bags all again with nationwide delivery. All the prices that we show on our site for Anthracite coal is at it’s complete price; no hidden extra charges, the price you see is the price you pay as we pride ourselves on our transparency and that is why we are one of the UK’s largest coal suppliers.

A.W. Parker Coal Merchants Ltd has been established and supplying quality Anthracite coal among other products and services since 1920 when it was established by Ralph Parker, who had made a living transporting miners to the colliery in the morning and delivering coal during the daytime, and the business has remained in the family ever since, the only change being in growth. In that time we have gone from strength to strength, becoming a Limited company while simultaneously valuing our status as a small company that is able to provide a personalised service that companies larger than ourselves may sometimes miss out on. We are also smokeless fuel specialists with a dedicated fleet of vehicles and employees to make sure that you the customer have access to the Anthracite coal and whatever else you may require from us. Having been established for 92 years, we have seen many things change over the years, however one thing that hasn't changed is our unwavering commitment to the quality of customer service; so if you are ever in need of premium Anthracite coal then be sure to get in contact with one of our dedicated team members to get some more information or to arrange a delivery.