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Frequently Asked Questions

Which fuel is best for my multi fuel stove?

Wood is fine to use but you may find it will burn quicker than on a wood burning stove because of the oxygen supply to the fuel. Housecoal can be used on a multi fuel stove but many manufacturers advise against this as it is ideally burnt on an open fire. Manufactured, smokeless fuels are recommended by many stove suppliers and we stock a large range of these.

What is the difference between the many manufactured fuels?

Most people make a choice based on budget, what appliance they are using and how often they burn fuel. The fuels we stock are a blend of anthracite and cokes. Each product has its own unique blend which is determined by the manufacturer. This in turn, affects the cost.

Can I burn wood and coal together?

A lot of people burn wood to start with as it is easy to light then add coal later to hold the fire in, which is fine. Continuously burning wood and coal together can cause serious damage to your chimney/liner so is not advisable.

How do I place an order?

Go to our Online Shop and choose your product. Select how much you would like to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your payment. Delivery is typically between 3 and 5 days.

Has the Government banned use of coal and wet wood?

Prepacked housecoal cannot be sold from 1st March 2021 from retail outlets however as Approved Coal Merchants, we can still deliver your housecoal until February 2023 in open sacks.

Anthracite and manufactured smokeless fuels are not affected.

We only stock kiln dried logs and kindling which has the required moisture content of 20% or less.